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DISC - Style Analysis
(Paper and Pencil DISC)
Our paper and pencil DISC is probably the most professional looking and comprehensive paper and pencil DISC on the market. If you decide to use a paper and pencil DISC assessment, we believe it is the best available on the market today. This assessment gives you a general overview of the DISC behavioral styles and separates people into 1 of 24 different behavioral styles. Not as accurate as our online DISC (with 384 behavioral styles and a 22 to 25 computer generated specific report) we recommend using a DISC paper and pencil assessment only when you want to give people a very general overview of the DISC approach. The reports are self scored by the assessment taker and give very general and immediate feedback on certain aspects of the assessment taker.  These include the “value to the team,” the “tendency under stress,” the “ideal environment,” and the “possible limitations” of the assessment taker. The report also includes instructions to take the assessment, scoring instructions, how to plot the “adaptive” and “natural” behaviors of the assessment taker and the 24 primary graphs the assessment measures. 
This report is best for 1) pre-selection, 2) a general understanding of the DISC concepts via a seminar or large class, and 3) for an ice breaker when performing a group seminar.


Each report is divided into these subsections or mini-reports:
  • Four-color cover
  • Key to Success: Understanding Yourself
  • Directions to Take Assessment
  • 24 assessment questions (self scoring scratch off format)
  • Scoring The Instrument (instructions for scoring)
  • Graph Page: Graph 1 = Adapted, Graph 2 = Natural
  • General Characteristics (Value to the Team, Tendency Under Stress, Ideal Environment, Possible Limitations, Emotion of that Style)
  • Insights to Your Personal Behavior (the 24 general graphs)
  • Key to Success