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Effective teams are an essential part of every organization.  Whether they are administrative teams, advisory teams, project teams or sales teams; its the synergy you create of everyone working effectively together that really makes the difference.  

We give you five alternatives to improve your team.

  • Use our DISC behaviors team report on your own - our 22 to 25 page computer generated report shows you the strengths, weaknesses and how to create those group synergies.  Its so easy; group members each take our individual DISC assessment and we create your group report for you from their answers. See our sample team report and download our eBrochure, "A DISC Report For Your Team."  The eBrochure tells you about our program and has an order form on the second side.
  • Use our Workplace MotivatorsTM motives report on your own - this 22 to 25 page computer generated report shows you 6 different motives that demonstrate "why" we do what we do.  We create the teams report for you, just like we do with the DISC behaviors report, only this time we take the scores from the individual Workplace Motivators assessment to create your motives team report. Download and complete the teams report form and we will create a teams report that shows you why people on your team behave the way they do.
  • Use our DISC behaviors team report AND schedule Dr. Abelson to take your team through a 60 minute workshop via the Internet - help bring your team discussion alive by having Dr. A facilitate a discussion about your team and answer any questions you have about the DISC behaviors tool.  Download the "A DISC Report For Your Team" to schedule your session with Dr. A and your team.
  • Use our Workplace Motivators motives report AND schedule Dr. Abelson to take your team through a 60 minute workshop via the Internet OR schedule a 90 minute workshop with Dr. A and he will show you how to use the behaviors and motives reports to really understand, manage and motivate your team.
  • Schedule a half or full day team workshop - everyone on the team gets their individual DISC behaviors report (we can also include our values / motives report as an option), a copy of their team report, and Dr. Abelson leads the team on a true exploration and team building experience.  Ideal for the kick-off of any project, the more effective functioning of any leadership team, and/or for improving any team, Dr. Abelson facilitates a program that is guaranteed to bring your team together and create a more effective and efficient team.  Download the eBrochure below entitled "Team Solutions" to learn more about this program and the "A DISC Report For Your Team" eBrochure to order your individual and team report.  

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