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Workplace Motivators™
 (values, motives, work-related-passions assessment)
The Workplace Motivators report is an excellent way to understand the “why” that underlies people’s behaviors. This report is exceedingly insightful at sharing what really drives the person and what they really enjoy doing. Using this information with an individual helps everyone around them better understand why the person does what they do. Matching a person with their values/motives/passions turns work to play and stress to satisfaction since the person is doing what they truly enjoy doing. 
This 22 to 25 page report is divided into the below sections or mini-reports. The values/motives/passions appear in the report in their order of importance to the person completing the assessment. There are six general styles that are examined. They are: utilitarian, individualistic, theoretical, traditional, social, and aesthetic. For each of these six styles we learn the person’s “General Characteristics” associated with that style, their “Value to the Organization,” “Keys to Managing and Motivating” them, “Training, Professional Development and Learning Insights” and “ Continuous Quality Improvements” techniques to enhance their work quality. 
Use this report to assist in 1) pre-selection, 2) interviewing, 3) selection, 4) matching the person with the job and/or supervisor, 5) managing / leading, 6) effective team assignment, 7) coaching/mentoring, 8) personal development, 9) job reassignment, 10) discipline, and 11) termination interviews.

Each report is divided into these 13 subsections or mini-reports:

  • Understanding Your Report
  • Individualistic/Political
  • Social / Altruistic
  • Theoretical
  • Utilitarian / Economic
  • Traditional / Regulatory
  • Aesthetic
  • Motivators – Norms & Comparisons
  • Motivation Insights Graph
  • Motivators Wheel
  • Value Action Plan
  • Quality Improvement Action Plan
  • Team Building Summary of Workplace Values

Workplace Motivators