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How To Use The Abelson Group Wheel
Benchmark Chart

(Use only our DISC report and our DISC Wheel.
The benchmarks DO NOT apply to any other DISC)

Step #1 – Go to the last page of our on-line DISC report for your
               job candidate.

Step #2 – Determine the space number where the person’s
               “natural” (•) and “adaptive" (*) symbol fall.

Step #3 – Locate the Wheel below for the candidate’s job position.

Current sample benchmarks in alphabetical order are:

  • Office Manager

  • Receptionist

  • Sales Agent

  • Telemarketer

Step #4
– Use the space number on our DISC Wheel to see if their
               “natural” and/or “adaptive” symbols fall in areas shaded
                 GREEN or RED on our benchmark   DISC Wheel.

Step #5 – Determine the match or fit with the position:

  • If BOTH symbols fall in the GREEN shaded area, the person is an EXCELLENT fit for the position

  • If ONLY ONE symbol fall in the GREEN shaded area, they are a GOOD fit for the position

  • If BOTH symbols fall in the RED shaded area, they are a VERY POOR fit for the position

  • If ONLY ONE symbol falls in the RED shaded area, they are a POOR fit for the position

  • If both symbols fall in a non-shaded area they can still be a candidate for the position but you should not use the benchmark as part of your selection criteria.  Our on-line DISC is still an excellent tool to use to better manage, lead, coach, develop and/or appraise the candidate if you choose to hire them.

*Assessment tools are excellent aids to assist in the hiring decision.  Our on-line DISC has proven to be incredibly accurate in assisting in hiring, managing, improving team functioning, coaching, performance appraisal, self-development and leading.

*The Abelson Group™ strongly recommends not using ANY assessment tool or set of tools as the ONLY criteria for a hiring decision.  We recommend using 1) our assessment tool(s), 2) the job candidate’s prior work history and past, and 3) information/perceptions obtained during the interview process itself equally in making a final hiring decision.