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"What an enormous difference it made for me to get Michael's detailed reports full of information and suggestions.  The report helped me to better place employees, better understand my people, and to better communicate with them.  I can use this complete analysis to understand how to better work with my staff, how we can better work as a team, how I can better use their strenghts to grow my business, and how to keep them happier all at the same time."

Rimma Ludovico
Keller Williams

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 What is Benchmarking?

What It Is...

Some hire the "BEST athlete" for the job!
Ever hire the "best athlete" and find out later they weren’t the right athlete for the job? Michael Jordan is respected as one of the best athletes in the world; most put him as the best professional basketball player of all time. Despite being a great athlete and an incredible basketball player, Michael could not be a successful professional baseball player. Soon after he began his career in professional baseball he left to return to his true talent, professional basketball.

We show you how to hire for the BEST FIT for the job!
Many organizations hire the "best athlete" and soon discover this person does not fit the needs of the job they are placed in. Other people, who are not nearly as talented, seem to be much better performers on the job. The benchmarking process we use helps organizations determine the very best fit for each person they hire. The benchmark results also give organizations terrific insight as to whether or not to hire the person in the first place; no matter how great an athlete.

We help you identify the RIGHT behaviors, passions and attributes for the job!
Our benchmarking process identifies the behaviors, work-related-passions/values/motives, and work related attributes needed for the best job performance. When we benchmark one or more positions in your organization, we also assist you 1) in identifying which recruits have the job related skills and talents you need and 2) help you match the highest quality recruit available to meet the needs of the job. Our benchmarking process also lets you know the minimum requirements of the job so you do not hire and place people into a job that they do not meet at least the minimum requirements of that job.


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