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Current Abelson e-Learning Center Resources

Abelson Group- Personal & Team Development Solutions
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Welcome to our Abelson e-Learning Center™.  We have copyright short videos full of proven techniques.  In them we show you how to use our assessment tools to obtain solutions to your people problems.  You can also use them to create environments and cultures in your organization that maximize staff efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn how to be more effective in the hiring of staff.  Learn how to use our assessment reports as tools to hire, manage, and coach!  Have access to processes, techniques, and concepts to better understand, communicate, and motivate others 24/7 via our website.  Get proven people solutions from an expert anytime, right here!

We currently have almost two dozen short videos, each approximately 3 to 5 minutes in length, on how to use our DISC and Workplace Motivators™ assessments in your organization. We are constantly building and adding new short videos and features to our Abelson e-Learning Center™.

Become a member now at a reduced price and benefit as we grow and you increase your productivity, performance, and profitability.  If you would like more information about our e-Learning center, please contact us.

How The Abelson Group Serves You

  • The Abelson Way The Abelson Group TM
  • Team Building Program

Abelson DISC Certification Videos

(Available only to Abelson DISC Certification Candidates or Recipients)

  • Webinar #1 - BluePrint TM Manual Parts I & II
  • Webinar #2 - BluePrint TM Manual Parts III & IV
  • Webinar #3 - BluePrint TM Manual Parts V & VI
  • Webinar #4 - BluePrint TM Manual Parts VII & VIII
  • Webinar #5 - BluePrint TM Manual Parts IX & X
  • Webinar #6 - Abelson DISC Certification Ending Experience & What's Next!

DISC and Workplace Motivators Video Series

(Currently Available as a Complimentary Service To All Abelson Assessment Account Holders and Abelson DISC Certification Participants)

  • DISC Overview 
  • DISC General Characteristics
  • DISC Value to Organization
  • DISC Ideal Environment
  • DISC Descriptors
  • DISC Natural/Adaptive
  • DISC Adaptive
  • DISC Behavioral Hierarchy
  • DISC Natural & Adaptive Graph
  • DISC Wheel Overview
  • DISC Wheel Sub Report
  • WM Overview
  • WM Introduction
  • WM Values Specifics
  • WM Norms
  • WM Insights Graph
  • WM Wheel Overview
  • WM Report Wheel