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 "The DISC enables you to know more about the person you are hiring and through validating the DISC you bond to the potential new hire in a way that they like you, even if they are not hired."

Dianna Kokoszka
VP MAPS Coaching & Masterminds
Keller Williams


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    • Increase performance of staff!

    • Increase staff satisfaction, commitment, and retention!

    • Increase productivity and profitability!

    • Increase understanding and personal development!

    • Implement new processes and programs more quickly!

Cost Effective, Quality, and Flexible To Meet Your Needs?

    • Cost effective Internet and traditional delivery systems!

    • Award winning educational program design and delivery!

    • Enlightening, energizing, enjoyable!

    • Custom design, modify to meet your needs, or pre-developed 
       programs; YOUR choice!

    • Speech(30-120 minutes) half or full-day program; flexible to meet 
       your needs &  budget!

Participate in one of our traditional educational programs at your location or ours. You can also participate on-line at our cutting edge e-Learning Center  on our website, or our custom Team Management Center . The Abelson Group has people solutions programs developed for cost effectiveness, ease of use, and flexible delivery.

Choose from award winning educators to deliver your program, excellent presenters with years of experience, or work with us to help you develop in-house delivery experts. The Abelson Group wants to be Your People Solution Company. View our programs on leadership, effective implementation of our DISC and other assessment tools, and team development/building programs. Get involved in our unique Team Management Center™  and manage any team or individual team member just by going to our website and seeing what motivates them, how to communicate with them, how to manage them, and more!

Our educational programs consist of:

The Abelson Group™ e-Learning center™

The Abelson Group™ Team Management Center™

Training Program – Mastering DISC

Training Program – Maximizing Your Team for Fun and ProFIT

Profiling Your Team for Fun & ProFIT™

Training Program – The Charismatic Participatory Benevolent Dictatorship™

Certification Program - Workplace MotivatorsTM Certification

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