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Michael gives us an accurate comprehensive understanding of the people in our leadership team. We are more empathic, meet other’s needs, and more productive. I use what was learned in the reports repeatedly every day.

John Bearden
GMAC Home Services

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It was a comprehensive study of the DISC. I came away with a very thorough understanding. It was as though light bulbs kept going off in my head with everything new Dr. A said. I felt I knew the DISC pretty well before I took this, but found out I had a lot to learn!

Penny Alper
Keller Williams, Hudson Valley

Many business management presenters (particularly if they have an academic background) have a tendency to complicate relatively simple concepts. Dr Michael Abelson however is a master of taking complicated concepts and presenting then in a simple, logical manner.

Robert Bevans
Best Practice
Managing Director


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Benefits of The Abelson DISC Certification

  • Sales Staff- Sell, sell, sell! Connect with and sell anything to anyone!
  • Recruiters- More easily attract and hire the very best for jobs.
  • Coaches- add more value to clients and increase coaching revenue-more quickly impact, add more value to, and more easily retain clients
  • Managers/Leaders- Increase productivity and profitability- increase sales, decrease time-wasters, increase effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.
  • Everyone- find your true self and what works best for you; no matter how successful you are you WILL find ways to improve and make your life even better!

The Abelson DISC Certification Includes:

  • Direct and Personal Attention from Dr. Abelson
  • Online Assessment - 3 science version: Behaviors, Motives, and EQ
  • DISC Textbook “The Universal Language DISC: A Reference Manual”- THE standard in DISC education
  • Powerful DISC BluePrint™ Training Manual - developed by Dr. A exclusively for our certification.  BluePrint™ “takes you by the hand” and guides you through our DISC Certification program. Get facts, techniques, information, pictures, exercises, cases; everything you need to guide you.
  • Recorded DISC Webinars - All webinars are recorded for you to view as many times as you would like. (on-line version)
  • Email Address Directly to Dr. A- Contact Dr. Abelson at any time with questions, issues, consulting advice or just to "chat" with him. DISC Certification participants get a special email that Dr. A answers numerous times each day.(on-line version)
  • DISC Certification Exam - Take when you are ready after the 6 webinar course OR at the end of in-person DISC Certification

Specifics About Our DISC Certification 

Our goal is to help you know DISC to the point where you will be respected as the true authority of DISC in your area. You will be able to use this knowledge to better recruit, manage, lead, coach, develop yourself and others or for whatever purpose or value you apply DISC. Our program is not your typical purchase a DVD and train yourself or even a one or two-day crash course on DISC. Our program is designed for you to be able to actually learn, apply and use the DISC concepts to be more effective in your professional and personal life. This is a state of the art program. The program:

  • Has as its core component 6 - 45 to 75 minute webinars that guide you through the parts of our DISC training manual; BluePrint™. Both our on-line and in-person DISC Certification candidates get access to these.
  • Assignments, exercises and cases are included in our very colorful BluePrint™ training manual to make for an easy to learn and fun experience.
  • Each webinar consists of instruction, examples and application of the materials in that webinar.
  • In addition to our BluePrint™ Training Manual, you will be guided through the necessary reading in THE standard of textbooks (the one all others strive to be like) on DISC; The Universal Language DISC: A Reference Manual. You are directed to read the exact pages that pertain to the lesson at hand via our BluePrint™ manual. You can read the entire textbook or follow our suggestions and save time by reading only the most important textbook pages.
  • Taking your own online DISC assessment, using it, and learning from it is also part of our DISC Certification program. 
  • Have one of the experts in the field, Dr. Michael Abelson, as your instructor throughout the program. His advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology and Management, over 40 years of consulting experience, over 20 years working with the DISC (and delivering over 200,000 DISC assessments), the recipient of 9 University and national teaching awards, among other accomplishments, has prepared him to be an excellent guide and mentor for you during your program.
  • Upon completion of our DISC Certification program you will “know your stuff” and we will proudly welcome you to the group who shares with you the distinction of being a CMBA.

Dr. Michael Abelson; Educator, Speaker, Consultant, Trusted Advisor

Formal Education

  • B.A. (psychology), M.A. (clinical psychology), M.B.A., Ph.D. (business)
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA)
  • Certified Master Behavioral Analyst (CMBA)
  • Certified Attribute Index Analyst (CAIA)
  • Certified Professional TTI DNA Analyst
  • Certified Professional TriMetrix HD Analyst
  • Certified Professional EQ Analyst
  • Certified Odyssey Consultant
  • Certified Growth Curve Strategist


  • Founder/CEO of The Abelson Group from 1986 to present
  • Texas A&M University Faculty (1980 to 2011, Emeritus, retired) teaching over 50,000 undergraduate, M.B.A., Ph.D. and executives
  • Over 900 seminars, speeches & keynotes
  • Over 100 consulting and strategic planning projects
  • International experience and seminars given on four continents

Awards and Other (brief overview)

  • Emeritus, Texas A&M University
  • Recipient of 9 University and national educational awards
  • 40 half-hour television shows shown across USA & Canada
  • Quoted in over 100 newspapers, magazines and newsletters nationally such as Fortune, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Over 60 articles and two books published
  • Listen to Dr. A on over 100 radio programs
  • Delivered over 250,000 psychological assessments