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Benchmarking Executive Position


Creating a Benchmark For The Vice President for Sales and Marketing

GCC of America is an American division of a Mexican cement and concrete company. With over $500,000,000 in sales in over a dozen United States states, the company needed to replace their retiring Vice President for Sales and Marketing.
We met with their leadership team consisting of the President and all of their Vice Presidents, to use Approach # 1 to benchmark this position. We developed a set of six key accountabilities. We guided them in doing something they had never done before for any of their positions. In this part of the process they actually talked specifically about the true needs of succeeding (not just the job description) at this position. After we identified the list of key accountabilities during this part of the process, each person went to the internet to answer about 100 questions related to all six key accountabilities. The result was three key behaviors, three key values and motives, and seven key interpersonal skills that were central to success of this position. The President and Vice Presidents involved in the next step in the process all agreed that 12 of the 13 characteristics identified by the analysis as crucial to the job were indeed greatly needed to be successful on the job. In these discussions we identified one additional characteristic, that was initially listed by the analysis as the 17th most important characteristic.   There was consensus among the group that this characteristic should be included within the 13 characteristics used in the benchmark and that one of the other characteristics initially included by the analysis was not as important. We therefore adjusted the 13 characteristics to be used in the benchmark when hiring the Vice President for Sales and Marketing.
Identifying and Hiring A Vice President for Sales and Marketing
The Abelson Group worked closely with the President of the company and the outside employment firm contracted by the company to help them hire the most effective person. We explained the benchmarks to all pertinent parties, consulted with the President on the final selection and worked closely with the external employment agency while they were identifying viable candidates for the job. We also were involved in the final selection process as we consulted with the President and other top-level management regarding the final decision.
One year after the selection of the Vice President, the company is still very pleased with their selection. The environment has been exceedingly turbulent regarding sales within this industry since it is so tied to, integrated with, and reliant on the struggling construction industry for its sales. Please see the quote from the President of this company regarding their satisfaction with our process and its exceedingly positive outcome.


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