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Benchmarking Entire Office

Keller Williams’ Phenomenal Growth
The Abelson Group has worked with Keller Williams to assist it as it has grown from fewer then 30,000 sales staff in the United States and Canada to over 80,000 sales professionals. During our relationship they have been the fastest growing real estate franchise company in the world.   The Abelson Group works directly with their corporate offices and their 100s of offices throughout the United States and Canada. 
Benchmark Seven Different Jobs To Assist Teams Grow
We identified their seven key positions in their field offices and used Approach # 2 to benchmark each of these positions. After the benchmark process discovered behavior profile differences for each of these seven positions, we established a secure and pass word protected area in our Abelson Benchmark Center. Within that Center are 1) the benchmarks for each of the seven positions, 2) instructions on how to use the benchmarks, 3) an explanation of the study for those who are interested in how we arrived at the benchmark results, and 4) suggestions on how to best use the benchmarks. 
Teams System
The Abelson Group used the benchmarking information to develop a teams system that best met Keller Williams’ needs showing people in the work team how to best interact and work with everyone else in their team. Our teams program has received rave reviews in its ability to show team members how to motivate, manage, communicate with, and work more closely and effectively with everyone else in the team. 
Post Benchmark Process Evaluation

After one year of use of the benchmarks, their accuracy continues to be effective even though the real estate environment has changed dramatically. This outcome testifies to the resiliency of our benchmarks and their “staying power.”

to learn more about benchmarking or to get an estimate for the cost of benchmarking a position in your organization.