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Benchmarking Sales Staff
United States and Canadian Sales Staff Benchmarking And Results
This is an international organization that was having difficulty with turnover of sales staff.   We first examined their United States and Canadian sales force. We used Approach # 2 because they had several hundred sales staff in these two countries. Our benchmarking results identified a set of behaviors that were strongly related to performance. Our benchmark process was able to predict 100% of the sales staff who were in the very top 25% of all their United States and Canadian sales force. We were also able to predict over 80% of the United States and Canadian sales staff who were most likely to fail as a sales person with this company.
Europe Sales Staff Benchmarking And Results
The organization was so satisfied with the above results that The Abelson Group was invited to benchmark sales staff in six European countries speaking four (4) different languages. Our benchmarks again proved to be incredibly accurate and are used in recruiting and hiring sales staff in these countries. 
Instruction Booklets Created and Training of Sales Managers Enhanced Understanding and Acceptance
The Abelson Group then worked closely with the organization to create a hiring instruction manual that was clear, easy to use, and enhanced the easy use of the benchmarks. Training also occurred in each region in the United States, Canada, and Europe on how to use the benchmark instructions manual, how to use the benchmarks, and how to use the benchmark results to better manage, lead, and motivate staff. 
Post Benchmark Evaluation

The Abelson Group and the client were interested in evaluating the process and its accuracy. One year after the initiation of the program we evaluated all the sales staff who were hired since the initiation of the program. We found the percentages of predicting successful and less successful sales staff continued at almost the identical percentages as at the initial study. The Abelson Group and this client have been working together for over three years now with consistent and amazingly accurate results.

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