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The Abelson Group Benchmarking Process
For Keller Williams Positions


In January 2008 The Abelson Group embarked on an extensive benchmarking study of Keller Williams field staff positions.   The last time Keller Williams did a benchmark of field positions was before The Abelson Group™ became Keller Williams’ preferred vendor for the DISC.  At the time those benchmarks were determined Keller Willams was using a very different DISC assessment with a different formula to determine DISC scores.  Since our DISC Assessments are based on 384 behavioral profiles instead of the typical 24 behavioral profiles of most other DISC Assessments, our DISC Assessment has been determined to be much more accurate.  Therefore, the results of our Keller Williams 2008 Benchmarking Study will be of great use to you.

Accuracy of Our DISC

Our DISC assessment has demonstrated psychometric properties (validity and reliability) that prove it to be extremely accurate.  This continues to be proven true by the incredible accuracy of our on-line DISC report as reported to us by Keller Williams field staff throughout the US and Canada.  No other DISC report or company has demonstrated better psychometric properties or accuracy than our DISC.   Click here for full psychometric statistics (validity and reliability).

Benchmarking Process

Many companies benchmark by asking top producers in that position to complete a series of questions or the assessment itself.  They usually DO NOT include low producers in the benchmark.  This approach assumes that low producers are different than top producers and that looking at top producers on the assessments alone can differentiate outstanding performers.  Those who use this approach are open to challenge in court regarding their benchmarks when those benchmarks are used in the hiring process.

The Abelson Group™ approach to benchmarking involves both top and bottom performers for each benchmarked position

In fact, we usually use a dual approach to benchmarking where we benchmark the position itself (“if the JOB could talk, what would it say needs to be done”) as well as the people in the position.  To expedite the benchmarking process we benchmarked both top and bottom producers.  We have not benchmarked the Keller Williams jobs themselves at this time.  If you or your organization is interested in benchmarking the job itself click here.

The Keller Williams Field Positions We Benchmarked

      •   Team Leader (TL) 

Lead Listing Specialist (LLS) 

Lead Buyer Specialist (LSS) 

Sales Agent (SA) 

Call Coordinator (CC) 

Market Center Administrator (MCA) 

Administrative Assistant (AA)

How We Conducted The Keller Williams’ Field Benchmark Study

Step # 1 - The Abelson Group™ contacted our top 100 Keller Williams accounts and asked them to participate in our benchmarking study. 

Step # 2
– We then supplied them with the names of those people in their organization who had completed our on-line DISC assessment in the last two years.  We chose staff completing the DISC within two years because our DISC has very stable and unchanging DISC scores over that period of time.

Step # 3
– We asked the Team Leader or Operating Principle (this person never evaluated their own performance) to tell us whether the people whose names we supplied them performed in the top 25% or the bottom 25% of all Keller Williams people in that position.   We included everyone in the top 25% in the top performer group and everyone in the bottom 25% in the bottom performer group (we only included the top and bottom people in each position to make sure these people were truly top or bottom performers).

Step # 4
– After tallying the results we plotted all top performers and bottom performers on our exclusive DISC Wheel. 

Step # 5
– We then looked for patterns on the DISC Wheel to see if those considered top performers were grouped together in specific areas of the DISC Wheel.

Step # 6
– We also searched for patterns on the DISC Wheel to see if those considered bottom performers were grouped together in specific areas of the DISC Wheel.

Step # 7
– Lastly, we calculated the number of top producers versus bottom producers located within the same part of the Wheel.  We looked to see if there were distinct and different DISC patterns on the DISC Wheel for top and bottom producers.

We found for ALL Keller Williams’ field positions that there was a distinct and different pattern on our DISC Wheel that identified either top producers or bottom producers.
  In many Keller Williams field positions we found there was a distinct and different pattern for BOTH top producers and bottom producers for each individual Keller Williams position.

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