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Benefits of Using The Abelson Group – Part of The Abelson Group DIFFERENCE

  • We focus on SOLUTIONS and YOUR PROFITS by using assessments, training, &/or consulting
  • We are experts on HR assessment, offer award winning training, & almost 50 years of consulting solutions
  • We deliver & have expertise in assessments that measure 5 different personality dimensions (behaviors, motives, emotional intelligence, stress, and leadership)  
  • We offer an on-line training platform with over 200 brief videos, applied articles & longer webinars (A-LRN)
  • We have In-person, on-line, and combined training expertise
  • You can attend FREE once-a-month webinars for those with our DISC & Motives certification (for latest on current HR issues & answers for all their questions related to assessments, training, & consulting)
  • Our expertise combines psychology and business (advanced degrees and decades of experience integrating both)  
  • We bring solutions from our experience in over 20 different industries with organizational staffs of all sizes
  • We are a respected leader in the assessment business
  • We have been a Top 5 assessment distributer for over a decade in a 1500+ company assessment network
  • Over 600,000 assessments sold, over 1000 professional presentations, 100s of successful consulting projects
  • Click here for a sampling of testimonials

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