Mastering the Hybrid Office & Team

A study by the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

reported May 10th, 2022 that:

  • 16% of staff were working remotely
  • 13% of staff were working in a hybrid system with some office and some work from home
  • 72% were working from a traditional office.  Of them:
    • 23% said things at work were worse, 39% say they were better
    • 18% said production was worse now, 45% said it has improved
    • 41% said stress has increased, 22% said stress had decreased.

The hybrid office or remote work is here (29% of staff were doing one or the other), at least for the short term.  Hybrid work is adding certain types of stress, while the 41% of traditional office staff say their stress has increased in the current work environment.


Would you like to better manage your office, your hybrid staff, and your 100% remote work staff?

8 Techniques to Better Manage the New Work Environment

        • Communicate
        • Promote Openness of Ideas
        • Build Trust
        • Respect Everyone
        • Demand Accountability
        • Build An Achievement Culture
        • Realize When Cohesion is Constructive and When It’s Destructive
        • Reward Effective Actions: Both Appropriate and Inappropriate

We have a number of assessment tools, training, and consulting services to assist you better manage through all eight (8) areas above.  For example:

  • Assessments
    • Individual behaviors, motives, emotional intelligence, stress, and leader skills
    • On-Boarding/Comparison reports comparing two people on all of the above
    • Team reports
  • Training
    • Dozens of videos and articles in our A-LRN on-line learning platform
    • DISC & Motives Certification
    • Emotional Intelligence Certification
    • Custom Training Programs
  • Consulting
    • Individual Personal DISCoveryTM
    • DISC & Motives Team DISCoveryTM
    • Assessment Consulting

Contact us now for a conversation that will determine the best services for your needs!

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