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Certifications & Training

Hire better, coach better, manage & lead better. Learn how to interact or sell anything to anyone, deal with stress, and 100s of other needs.

Our on-line and in-person keynote, seminar, brief programs, and certification training is unmatched.

DISC & Motives Certifications

Earn your CMBA & CMMA in-person or on-line. Master your and others behaviors, motives, and emotional intelligence. Special certifications for hiring & coaching.

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Abelson Learning Resource Network (A-LRN)

24/7 deal with stress, learn how to use our assessments, master yourself & other’s. Brief videos, articles, & longer webinars give you answers to 100s of personal & business-related questions & concerns.

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Personality Inc Programs

Better understand and use behaviors, emotional intelligence, motives, leader &/or manager tools by focusing on strengths, limitations, & blind spots. Increase staff satisfaction & performance through fun, insightful, powerful programs. Use our current programs and/or let us design a custom program for you that includes all kinds of personality dimensions.

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Leader Development (Being Charismatic)

C-suite, mid-level & lower-level managers learn to master power, motivation, communication, dealing with difficult people, and dozens of useful leader skills. Also learn how to be more charasmatic by mastering over 20 different charastmatic related skills. 

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Hiring & Team building

Hire the best by using our 5 step process. Create better, more effective, and more efficient teams. Our assessments help you determine best fit and best performance factors.

On-line & in-person training shows you how to best maximize your hiring and your teams.

Cost of Wrong Hire Calculator (FREE)

In less than 5 minutes calculate how much money you are losing through your current hiring practices. Be a hero and use the data, training, and consulting to decrease time & costs to hire.


Hiring Tools & Benchmarks

Our 5 step process shows you how to hire people who better fit the job, add to profit, and decrease wasting time. Use our world class process to know THE behaviors, motives, leader characteristics you need for the best job performance. Use reports to compare ideal vs candidate characteristics and so much more…

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Individual Assessments & Tools

Over 30 accurate & easy to take/read/use assessments to identify & measure behaviors, motives, emotional intelligence, stress, leader characteristics and other skills. Look at & use individual & team reports to increase satisfaction, performance & profit.

Use our flip-book technology to see each page of sample reports. 

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Onboarding Tools

Use our assessment and brief online training on how to use reports to onboard new staff, reassign current staff, people you coach, etc. These reports help you start new relationships by better communicating, motivating, managing, and interacting with others.

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Team DISCovery

Create high performance & fast-moving teams. Improve team member cooperation, motivation, and engagement. Get more for less from teams through in-person & on-line workshops.

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Engagement, Wellness & Retention

Brief videos and applied articles, radio shows, and other tools show how to engage & reengage staff without using money to reward.

Assess and improve staff and organizational wellness.

Engage and retain top performing staff.

Turnover Audit™

Learn how our trademarked Turnover Audit™ can help you identify your real turnover problems and their solutions.

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Tools to Engage

Motives & driving forces assessments & reports show you how to engage WITHOUT using money. Use our A-LRN platform with videos, articles, radio shows, and online & in-person education to better engage & reengage.

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Personal Individual DISCovery™

Measure & discover your strengths, limitations, & blind spots. Explore & better use behaviors, motives, emotional intelligence, stress, leader characteristics… Spent 3 hours with Dr. A learning how to improve yourself, break through your personal &/or work glass ceiling, master new strengths, and minimize your limitations.

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Mastering the Hybrid Office

Measure your individual, team, and organizational wellness on 28 different dimensions. Use intervention strategies to improve wellness & then reassess your wellness improvement.

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