Join Dr. A …

The Coach’s Coach

Coach, are you looking for …

  • attracting more coaching clients?
  • exceptional assessment tools for incredible coaching results?
  • the key to motivate your clients to take action?
  • a seasoned coach who has worked with 1,000s of organizations and taught 100s of coaches.
  • a coach who is interested in relationship and is also available during emergencies and difficult times.
  • a master coach who can assist you do all the above and much more...
Misty Michael (on left) / Sheila Fejeran (on right)

Sheila is one of the most successful eXp Alpha influencers with over 10,000 people in her downline and multiple expansion teams. Misty is one of her lieutenants – April 2024

Would you like to also …

  • have another opinion, looking through a different “lense,” to help you deal with your most difficult clients
  • be the best YOU, you can be
  • work with you to expand your practice to include coaching teams
  • differentiate you from all the other coaches out there

Your solution? Working with Dr. A

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Use his …

  • decades of experience training or coaching 100s of coaches and working with 1000s of leaders.
  • advanced degrees and experience in clinical psychology and business management.
  • one of the leaders, with an international reputation, of using multiple assessment sciences to better understand, guide, and help you meet your needs and your client’s needs.
  • skills that have make the impossible for others possible, and so much more!

What’s included in the coaching experience with Dr. A:

Dr. Michael Abelson (center) during an online coach training session

Monthly Sessions

4 – 50 to 60 minute sessions a month to help you succeed at meeting your goals

Individual Personal DISCovery™

A 3-hour deep dive using our assessments (sciences include: behaviors, motivators, emotional intelligence, leadership, & leader stress licenses) to better understand your strengths, limitations, and blind spots, and to know who you are, where you want to go, and insights on how to get there

Limitless License™

A license to use our individual reports of all five sciences (included for FREE) (the same sciences you experienced in the Individual Personal DISCovery™), plus discounts on comparison and team reports.

Use reports with anyone in your organization, your network of your choosing to better understand and manage yourself and others in your personal, professional, and business life.

Personal Profits

If you choose, introduce others to any or all of the five science licenses, and earn financial credits towards your coaching fees

Additionally, you get all this:

  • 50% discount off list price of our DISC & Motivators Certification and refresher
  • 50% discount off list price of our Emotional Intelligence Certification and refresher
  • 50% discount off list price of our online team building program
  • Over 40% discount off list price on all team reports
  • Almost 40% discount off list price on all comparison/onboarding reports
  • 50% discount off list price of A-LRN or any other training

Value of the above?

Coaching opportunities

are limited

No more than 10 people

coached by Dr A at any one time

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