Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?…

And Why The EI/EQ Certification from Abelson?

If you would like to …

  • move to your next level of potential?
  • reduce your stress at work and/or at home?
  • conquer your fears, doubts, & insecurities?
  • better communicate & sell your ideas & products.

Our certification program helps you…

  • better understand yourself & how to reach your potential
  • understand and control your negative triggers
  • understand & deal with your emotional strengths & limitations
  • understand & manage your & others emotions when interacting

Are your goals in attending this certification
to …

  • better understand yourself & others at work or home?
  • better train others in your organization in EI/EQ?
  • help you better cope with other staff & decrease your stress?
  • be a better coach?
  • or maybe something else?

  • The answers ARE in this certification!

Some of the More Significant Outcomes of Our EI/EQ Certification include …

  • Know your EI/EQ score and how your score relates to others in the USA
  • Have a full report that shows you how you are on each of the 5 EI/EQ components
  • Understand what you need to do emotionally to remove barriers to your personal potential
  • Learn your personal emotional triggers that get you off track and how to manage them
  • More fully understand your emotional strengths, limitations, & blind spots
  • Identify & deal with your personal stressors and demotivators, and help others do the same
  • Do any or all the above to self-develop, manage others, train, coach, or have better HR in your organization

Let us help you benefit by mastering EI/EQ…

Enroll Today & Get These Benefits …

  • Take our EI/EQ assessment, get your score & see how you compare to others
  • Attend our 9 hour online live EI/EQ Training (3 – 3 hours each, all in 1 week)
  • Review videos of taped sessions if you can’t attend a class or want to relisten
  • Learn from the 9 time award winning professor teaching the class
  • Learn from your classmates via online small group case discussions & experiential exercises
  • Receive our workbook with information and loaded with experiential exercises
  • Work with one of the Top 10 EI/EQ instructors in the world according to Manage HR Magazine
  • Get certified and display your digital badge on your email . signature, social media, etc.
  • Receive 9 PDCs’ toward your SHRM recertification for SHRM-CP and SCP
  • All this and so much more …

Don’t just take our word… hear what some of the world geniuses say about the benefits of mastering EI/EQ…


September 9,11,13, 2024


10 am to 1 pm (Central Time)

Or Call Us at 979-696-2222 & We Will Sign You Up

Current and Additional Dates for EI/EQ Certification
All classes are from 10 am to 1 pm Central Time