DISC & Motivators Mastery™

A Special Program – Only For Those Already With a Certification by Abelson

In-Person ONLY in Downtown Austin

Get a Refresher!

Take a DEEPER Dive!

The Impossible Becomes Possible!


Learn NEW TECHNIQUES from Dr. A and other DISC & Motivator experts in the room.


Better understand the dynamics and how the Graphs and the Wheels REALLY Work!

“The DISC Mastery class is like seeing a color TV after a lifetime of watching black & white TV. I leave dissatisfied with my past conclusions wishing I could have taken those black & whites and used DISC Mastery to make them technicolor.”

- Gary M.

Master Consultant, IT Consulting Company

“I received my DISC Certification from Dr. Abelson two years ago. This refresher on how to use the DISC Graphs and Wheels to help improve team satisfaction and results was invaluable!”

- Leah M.

Regional Director, Warrantee Company

Recruiter! Coaches! Team Leaders! Managers!
WOW yourself and others with your new knowledge, new skills, and new ways to excel.

Increase performance, satisfaction, retention, and profitability!

Learn how to use DISC & Motivators Wheels like nowhere else on the planet!

Become a Master of DISC & Motivators! Excel at Your Craft!
Experience a day-long event exclusively on using our DISC & Motivators…
• Cases
• Expert Panel Discussions
• Examples from Dr. A
Come with your most difficult and interesting questions and we will find the answers.


“This is most likely my most valuable tool as a Team Leader, whether I am using it in recruiting, leading staff or leading agents. Additionally, the power of knowing a person’s values and knowing how it affects a person’s behavioral style is incredible. This class is powerful training for all Team Leaders, especially new ones.”

-Christie W.

Office Manager, Real Estate Company

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“Coming into the program, I felt I had a pretty good grasp of DISC.
I realized very quickly that I know just about the tip of the iceberg and that Dr. A was taking us so much deeper. Thanks Dr. A!”

-Andrew S.

Office Manager, Real Estate Company

“I am blown away at the depth of understanding behaviors and motivators the Mastery class gave me.”

- Josh B.

Agent, Real Estate Company