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The Abelson Group was founded in 1986 by Dr. Michael Abelson. It’s vision and slogan, “YOUR People Solutions Company” epitomizes the vision, goal, focus and direction of the organization. The firm specializes in the identification, development, and the effective and efficient productivity of an organization’s most valuable asset, its human resource. The Abelson Group has developed programs, systems, and processes that enable organizational members to build and lead their organizations beyond current expectations. We do this through using a foundation of numerous high quality, easy to use and administer, and highly accurate assessment tools that identify characteristics of staff at every organizational level. 

We have numerous training programs developed and delivered on-line and in-person by national award-winning staff.  The Abelson Group is also known for its exceptional consulting on human resource issues and on the use of our psychological assessment tools.

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Dr. Michael Abelson, CEO/President

Dr. Michael Abelson, (Dr. A) is CEO/President of The Abelson Group, has over 45 years experience consulting on hiring and managing individuals and teams, using psychological assessments to identify and enhance human performance, and training others on how to maximize people. He is Emeritus from the Department of Management at Texas A&M University where he was on the faculty for over 30 years (retiring from Texas A&M in 2011), was Real Estate Research Fellow at the renown Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, first Director of the Human Resources Masters Program at Texas A&M, an instructor at four executive education centers at Texas A&M, and Director of Listening Ear Crisis Center which he built from serving one city to four counties in central Michigan.

He is a 9-time award-winning educator, teaching over 50,000 undergraduate students and 10,000s of MBAs and executives while on the faculty of Texas A&M University and Central Michigan University.  Additionally, he has been on the educational stage on four continents delivering over 1,200 keynote speeches, seminars, and other training programs, and consulting projects with over 250 different organizations. His accomplishments also include writing over 60 published articles, two books, numerous book chapters, and has almost a dozen assessment-related certifications, in addition to his M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and his MBA and Ph.D. in Management.

He has led The Abelson Group to be one of the premier psychological assessment companies in the country with it selling over 650,000 assessments (and counting), repeatedly being one of the Top 5 assessment companies in a network of approximately 2000 companies, being one of its few Platinum Distributers.

Donna Trevino, Director of Operations and Customer Service

Donna has been part of the Abelson team since 2013. She uses her managerial experience noted below to oversee internal operations, customer service, assessment delivery, and internal communications.  Her career began with P&P Technologies as a project engineer after graduating with a B.S.E.E. from Georgia Tech and a B.A. from Wesleyan College. She also brings her experience as Project Management at Applied Materials that took her to Korea and Taiwan to customize solutions for specific semiconductor processes as well as supervise Project Managers, to The Abelson Group.  She enjoys serving on several boards related to her children’s activities as well as walking her dog and traveling with her husband and three children.

Beth Fitzmaurice, Director of Special Projects

Beth Fitzmaurice, Director of Special Projects

Beth began her career as a teacher and campus administrator. She has education degrees from Texas A&M University (B.A.) and Texas State University (M.Ed.).  For The Abelson Group, she manages research, develops programs, and handles special projects for clients and the team. In her spare time, she sells and manages properties, and does volunteer work. Beth enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, the rest of her family; reading, traveling, and scrapbooking.

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