Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Hiring & Staff Performance Enhancement

Do you want to hire the RIGHT person quickly and accurately?

Are you tired of working with employment agencies that send you people that don’t fit and produce costly subpar results?

Would you like to realign current staff to improve results, increase satisfaction, and save money?

Are you frustrated with your efforts to make your current staff more effective at their job?

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) hiring and staff performance services. Our Abelson-AI powered platform combines advanced algorithms with world-class assessments to examine candidates’ behaviors, motives, and habits. The Abelson AI Solution uses an AI comprehensive system to identify the top candidates quickly, saving you valuable time and money.

See below for our 3 primary differentiating factors.

Example of the Positive Business Results Using Our Performance Analytics

Example of the Positive Business Results Using Our Performance Analytics

Our Partnership with Two Story

The Abelson Group is partnering with Two Story, using their patent pending AI Technology, to bring you performance analytics technology that unlock human potential. 

The Leadership Team at Two Story has decades of experience in applied research, translating emerging technologies into pragmatic solutions. Their artificial intelligence is designed to decode the meaningful patterns between assessment data and measurable business outcomes, so you can hire smarter and lead better.

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Kerry Goyette – Founder and President

Michael Mueller – VP

Alyssa Stanley, Director of AI Benchmarking

The Abelson AI Solution

  1. Create a custom Performance Signature™ that fits your organization’s needs & culture
  2. Responsive Performance Signature™ –  changing as your environment changes
  3. Practical in guiding managers with data to support the entire employee lifecycle 
  4. Discovers the meaningful patterns between people, data, and your measurable business outcomes, fusing sciences from Abelson with patent pending AI to form business solutions
  5. Isolates the top characteristics from over 50 sets of behaviors, motivators, and habits
  6. Human-centric AI technology with cutting-edge explainability and trusted data processing

Example of the Positive Business Results Using Our Performance Analytics

The Abelson AI Solution Difference

The Abelson Group brings practical Articial Intelligence powered by Two Story to provide a comprehensive solution unmatched in the AI industry using Performance Signature™

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