Better Communicating With The Non-Communicable

by: Dr. Michael Abelson

Ever worked with a very intense “C” and tried to get them to understand there is a human side to the work?  How about if you are the intense “C” and people just don’t understand you?  What are the secrets to better communicating with the “C”?  

Someone who is an intense “C” is detail oriented, focuses on quality, and prefers environments that don’t have a lot of interpersonal interaction.   Think of someone in your world that behaves that way.  Then, try these ways to communicate with them:

  • Prepare your comments in advance and have facts/details to back up your opinion.
  • Be specific and come with an action plan to suggest and briefly discuss and decide upon.
  • Expect them to be at least a little pessimistic and critical. Don’t take those types of comments personal.
  • Give them time to think about things, but suggest and agree upon (get their buy-in) a date and time to take action to move forward. 
  • Give the “C” at least 3 feet of personal space when talking with them.   

The more of the above you do, the more likely the communication with be accepted and work. 

© 2024. Michael Abelson (BA, MA, MBA, PhD) founded The Abelson Group in 1986, is Emeritus (retired) from the Management Department at Texas A&M University, and specializes in communications and over a dozen other human resource areas.

He has spoken to over 1000 business and non-business groups on four continents, been quoted by over 100 newspapers, newsletters, and magazines, and authored over 100 articles, books, monographs, and other publications.  He is frequently invited by the media to share opinions and solutions.

Contact him at [email protected] or to invite him to consult, coach, speak, or for a media interview.  

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