Abelson Special DISC & Motivators Certification

Designed Exclusively For & With Special Pricing for eXp Alphas

Special Section on Your FIT Score and Report as an eXp Alpha
This is the Special Program with Dr. Abelson & Dave Conord
Only Alphas, Their Partners, Team Members, Or Staff Can Enroll (enroll them as Guests)


What are Your Benefits

  • Master DISC & Motivators: Learn how to best use DISC & Motivators for eXp Alpha Supremacy with Dr. DISC: Dr. Michael Abelson
  • Build Your Downline via Your FIT Report: Learn your FIT Score & how to use the FIT Report to attract, build, & retain your downline
  • Panel Discussions: Participate in & learn from other Alphas via SPECIAL eXp Alpha Panel Discussions
  • Use Your Abelson Report to Enhance & Retain Your Downline: Learn how to use DISC, Motivators, & Leadership sections of your license report to build & maintain your downline

    Two Different Sets of Dates For Your ConvenienceYou Choose One


    Pick One 2-Day Set of Days Now To Guarantee A Seat “At The Table” and Change To The Other 2-Day Set of Days As Late As January 20th

    (You may want to be in the same training as another specific eXp Alpha)


    2-Day Set of Dates

    January 29 & 30, 2024     OR     March 4 & 5, 2024


    And There Is More…

    A Unique Training Experience Held At

    Fazio Training Center,

    Phoenix, AZ

    (hotel accommodation information coming soon to those who register)

    • All eXp Alphas Are Being Invited – Space is Limited


    License Bundle
    $4,750 for 1st attendee

    ($3,000 for annual license + $1750 for certification)

    Non-License Price
    $1,995 for 1st attendee

    Certification only included

    Alpha Invited 2nd Guest
    $1,650 for 2nd invitee

    • Space is Limited

    January 29 and 30, 2024


    March 4 and 5, 2024

    (Same Agenda Both Sets of Days)

    Day 1 – Participant Involvement, case studies & expert knowledge exchanges all day long

    8:30 to 5:30pm

    • Registration & materials pick up 
    • Understand your Abelson FIT Score, your Abelson FIT Report, areas for your personal improvement, & how to use YOUR Abelson DISC, Motivators, & Leadership report to be an even better Alpha 
    • Learn how to use the Abelson FIT Report to help others build their downlines 
    • Learn DISC characteristics, strengths & limitations  
    • Learn how to best communicate with different DISC styles 
    • Lunch & First eXp Alpha Panel 
    • Using DISC graphs (to identify stress, minimize, & deal that stress, etc.) 
    • Understand the DISC Wheel and how to use it to master teams 

    Day 2 – Participant Involvement, case studies & expert knowledge exchanges all day long

    8:30 to 4pm

    • Learn Motivator and Driving Forces characteristics, strength, & limitations.
    • Learn how to communicate and motive via non-money motivator factors.
    • Learn how to use Motivator Graphs & Wheel
    • Lunch & Second eXp Alpha Panel
    • Integrate using DISC & Motivators concepts to build, enhance, & retain your downline.
    • Use your Abelson report to communicate, motive, & build your realtor & downline business.