Incredible – Limitless License™

with The Abelson Group™

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to assess potential and current staff as well as others? 

Do you want the reports to be both easy to read and easy to use?

Tired of wasting hard-earned money on reports only to find they are inaccurate? 

How about multiple training options, including FREE online training, so you can most effectively understand and use the concepts and our reports?

Do you want reports to be compliant with all discrimination laws, to make sure you fairly assess people, and stay out of court?

If you run more than 20 reports per year, look no further than our Limitless License™

DISC and Motives

DISC, Motivators & EQ

DISC, Motives, and Leadership

Our license provides all the above and so much more…

  • Your bank account will hardly feel the cost of this investment because you will have a fixed cost, agreed to in advance, and paid over 12 equal monthly payments. This means you will never have to worry about the cost of EACH assessment!
  • The perfect solution for businesses, non-profits, schools, and others who currently use or want to start using assessments for personal, professional, and even volunteer purposes. 
  • Unlike other assessment providers who measure only one aspect of people, we help you measure the following:
    • Behaviors
    • Motivators, attitudes and values
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Leadership qualities
    • Staff and/or leader stress
    • License to measure any or all of the above

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This deal is so incredible, we can’t show the prices on the internet.

Set up a 15 or 30-minute zoom meeting, no more / no less, with one of our experts.  We want to answer your questions, explain the program, give you the best pricing, and determine if you are ready to set up your account.

No pressure – just helpful information.

And there is more…We have assessments that measure

  • individuals
  • compare two people in the same report 
  • teams that are a few to 100s of people, divisions, entire organizations: you name it…

In addition to the limitless use of assessments, you will also have access to a variety of free and heavily discounted (license holders only) resources. Here are just a few:

  • A-LRN Silver – FREE  (Dozens of videos, on-line, to show you how to use the assessment reports)
  • A-LRN Gold – Contact us for a discounted price (Over 200 brief and easy-to-understand videos and articles with solutions on how to use our assessments as well as manage and lead others)
  • TTILearn – Contact us for a discounted price (Tutorials on DISC behaviors, motives, and emotional intelligence)
  • DISC & Motives Certification – Contact us for a discounted price (incredible training on mastering DISC and Motives)
  • Emotional Intelligence Certification – Contact us for a discounted price (incredible training on EI/EQ)

Nate with Cheviron Coaching

Ben, Don and Dr. A

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve communication, teamwork, and overall performance with our Limitless License™


Contact us today to learn more and/or to purchase your license.  Every day you delay is one less day of having these incredible reports as resources for hiring, onboarding, personally developing, coaching, managing, leading, reassigning, retaining, or any purpose dealing with people.