Onboarding. . . Made easy? – Part 2
  • Published on: August 20, 2023
  • By: Dr. Michael Abelson
  • Category: DISC & Motivators Certification|Onboarding

Coaching is an incredibly competitive field with so many individuals offering consulting services, and organizations utilizing coaches to drive performance. Coaching certifications exist, but aren’t required.

The issue then becomes, as a coach, how can you differentiate yourself among all the competition? If you are looking for a coach, how do determine if they are the coach for you?

Coaching IS a relationship business. People need to feel comfortable with their coach. They need to respect them and their opinion. They have to feel connected enough so they open up and trust them with sensitive, sometimes negative, personal information.

How can you establish the trust needed to have this open and transparent relationship? The very best way
is through communication; building that respect by sharing, so those being coached are willing to share sensitive information about themselves, willing to take a risk, etc.

We have a new tool to help connect coaches with clients, and for clients to feel connected with their coach. It is another way to effectively differentiate yourself and build that trusting relationship. Our new onboarding report compares two people on about a dozen different areas.

If the coach and person being coached have already taken our assessment, there is no need for anyone to answer any other questions to use this new report. Just tell us who the two people are, and WE do all the work to generate this incredible report for you. If one or both people have not taken our report, its easy for either or both to do so. It takes less than 20 minutes to take our assessment.

Coaches, maximize your time and energy with your clients by using this report, and build that trusting, respectful relationship that is crucial for your mutual success.

The Abelson Group - Dr. Michael Abelson

About the author

Michael Abelson, B.A., M.A., MBA, Ph.D. is an expert on interviewing, hiring, team building, retention, and leadership selection and development.

With over 40 years of experience consulting, keynote speaking, training and using objective assessment tools, his processes and HR solutions have saved clients time, money, and from making many poor hiring decisions.

He can be contacted at Dr.A@abelson.net or 979-696-2222.

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