DISC Team Success Story # 1
  • Published on: October 03, 2023
  • By: Dr. Michael Abelson
  • Category: DISC|Team Building

A particular office had a history of repeatedly hiring poor performing administrative assistants. We did a DISC behavior team report on the entire administrative staff; ownership, management, administrative assistant, and a few other staff. We also looked at the individual DISC of past administrative assistants who also performed poorly.

We found that most assistants they hired had a very similar DISC profile. Interestingly enough, their profile was very similar to the leader of the team. Even though we developed a benchmark for this organization for administrative assistants, this office was not using the benchmark. The management and owner were hiring people like themselves; fairly intensive “D” behavior styles. Not even close to the benchmark.

Recommendation / Outcome:
We showed them the correct benchmark that we had discovered for administrative assistants for their organization. Organizations may have different benchmarks for this position. We also looked at the DISC Team Wheel from our DISC Team Report. As suspected, they were missing the type of behavior recommended by our administrative assistant benchmark for administrative assistants. Their team was missing an essential behavior, the “C.” We recommended they stop hiring people like themselves and hire administrative assistants who had the “C” behaviors. They followed the recommendation and soon contacted us. The outcome was an expected.
Their team was now functioning much better. The team performance was greatly improved and everyone, including the new administrative assistant, were enjoying what they were doing and the team outcomes.

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About the author

Michael Abelson, B.A., M.A., MBA, Ph.D. is an expert on interviewing, hiring, team building, retention, and leadership selection and development.

With over 40 years of experience consulting, keynote speaking, training and using objective assessment tools, his processes and HR solutions have saved clients time, money, and from making many poor hiring decisions.

He can be contacted at Dr.A@abelson.net or 979-696-2222.

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